We are ElevenSpace

We are a team of designers working 100% remotely

We're a team of dedicated designers located in different cities around the world. Our processes are streamlined, and we've all become skilled at working remotely. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, quality and responsibility, making sure every job or project is delivered on time.

Trusted by growing start-ups and large enterprises

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We are passionate about helping our clients build great products. We believe that great software isn't just a product of technical skill or creativity, but also of communication and collaboration.

Our UI/UX services


Design Systems

We are proud to provide quality design systems to our clients. We can help create the first design system of your product, or transform the structure of an existing one.

Product Design

We offer custom design solutions –  to creating a unique look for your business. Our team of designers will be happy to help you develop the perfect solution for your business.

Web/Mobile App

Our team is dedicated to creating beautifully designed, user-friendly apps that are optimised for all platforms (web or mobile).


Our dashboard designs are here to help you make sense of your data. We will create visual representations and offer insights that can help you make better business decisions.

Data Visualisation

We are experts at turning data into beautiful, insightful, and informative visualizations that help you make sense of complex problems.

UX Consulting

Our team will understand the needs of your business, objectives and users, so we can focus on what matters most: creating an amazing experience for everyone using your product.

Working with us means joining a collaboration that is based on



With more than 10+ experience in product design, our projects are designed to align with your company's target and vision so you can make sure you meet your business goals.


All of our projects start with a well-thought process based on design thinking to discover requirements, define priority tasks and deliver the project on time.


Benefit from our broad knowledge based on 10+ experience in product design creating a wide range of deliverables from web & mobile apps and systems for companies in fintech, retail, logistics, hospitality and more.


You will get access to Figma for project transparency, high-fidelity designs, interactive prototypes and designer-to-developer hand-off.

We partner with complimentary companies to offer
full-cycle services.

We are a design-agency first and we focus on delivering the highest quality of design deliverables and user experience. Nevertheless we partner with companies that compliment our services to complete a full-cycle project.

Become a partner
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Backed by customer feedback

"Exceptional Design Work and Unparalleled Creativity by ElevenSpace

As the founder of a rapidly growing tech company, I needed a top-notch design team to revamp our Optimole plugin and website, ensuring it aligned with our brand vision and objectives. After thorough research, we decided to partner with ElevenSpace, and I’m thrilled to say that they exceeded all of our expectations.From the very beginning, the ElevenSpace team demonstrated a deep understanding of our business and what we hoped to achieve with the Optimole plugin and website redesign.

Their level of professionalism and attention to detail was evident from the outset, as they expertly guided us through the entire design process. They took the time to understand our target audience, ensuring the final product would resonate with our users.

One of the things that set ElevenSpace apart from the competition is their exceptional communication skills. They were always available to address any concerns or questions we had, and their regular updates ensured that we were always in the loop on the progress of our project. This open line of communication made the collaboration process incredibly smooth and efficient.The final result of their work was nothing short of spectacular.

The Optimole plugin now boasts a clean, modern, and user-friendly design that has received rave reviews from our users. Additionally, the website redesign has significantly improved our online presence and brand image, and we have experienced a notable increase in traffic and conversions since its launch.In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend ElevenSpace for any design work. Their creativity, technical expertise, and outstanding customer service set them apart from others in the industry.

Choosing ElevenSpace for your design needs will undoubtedly lead to exceptional results, just as it did for us."

Ionut Neagu

CEO, Themeisle

Backed by customer feedback

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“One of the things that set ElevenSpace apart from the competition is their excellent communication skills”
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ionut neagu
co-founder, themeisle
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“High UI standards, collaborative mindset, extremely fast to deliver and a keen eye on details.“
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joao magalhaes
design manager, hostelworld
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"Worked with Eleven Space on our recent CRM UI/UX redesign project, and I am thrilled with the results."
zev fried image
zev fried
creative director, zap media
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"Eleven Space was receptive to feedback and delivered items within the agreed timeline."
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Marius cristea
CTO, Themeisle
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“I recommend Eleven Space for their design services for your future mobile applications.”
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Madalina lixandra
business analyst, teamnet
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“Designs provided by ElevenSpace are modern while being considerate towards the overall user experience.”
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Ramzi Ghurani
co-founder, insured.ae
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'We liked their ability to turn complex issues into simple solutions while following design principles.''
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dana ezzeddine
product owner, nato
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"The team managed the engagement well, meeting the client's budget and timeline requirements."
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odai alokeh
co-founder, devista
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"Their response time to changes and high throughput pushed us to move better and refine our processes."
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Stefan petrica
manager, twilio
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"We had great communication between us, and they were agile and onset regarding their work."
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Razvan paiusi
ceo, addemark