Why work
with ElevenSpace ?

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One point of contact

While most companies pass along your project to a business contact or some other role, at ElevenSpace we prioritise your project and you will be in direct communication and feedback loop with me, the CEO, Dragos Bubu, for the entire duration of the project.

Previous experience: NATO, Oracle, Lenovo, Themeisle

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Two times the talent

At ElevenSpace we allocate 2 designers for each project. We brainstorm and challenge each idea and we view it from different angles and experience to determine the best workflow for your solution.

We take design seriously: that's why we assign senior experts to every project. We're committed to crafting intuitive solutions that are not only user-friendly but also boast award-winning designs.

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Design System Experts

At the heart of our success lies our deep understanding of design systems. By tapping into design systems, we keep things looking consistent and running smoothly.

Think of it like having a blueprint for every screen, making development a breeze and ensuring our team is always on the same page.

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Modern tools and apps

We work with the latest tools and apps.

We use Figma for our main design editor, interactive prototype and developer hand-off.

We use Notion for Project Management, Zoom & Slack for communication and the Adobe suite for presentations and various visuals.

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Record of reliability

We're constantly delivering solutions: on time and on budget.

We’re grateful to have received industry recognition from Clutch for being one of the top user experience companies for Information Technology in Romania.

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MVP ready: 6 weeks

In today's fast-paced world, the ability to move quickly is key to staying ahead in your business.

That's why we've fine-tuned our process to help you create an interactive prototype in just six weeks. This prototype isn't just a tool, it's your ticket to testing ideas and planning out your next big features.

As a result of our collaboration you will receive

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A clear understanding of the design process, requirements and deliverables

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A development plan with milestones set for the collaboration

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Weekly alignment sessions for iteration, feedback and revision session

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A fully complete design project with deliverables and documentation

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An interactive prototype in Figma that can be validated  and developed

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Post-completion support for 30 days for minor design updates & adjustments

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