We are a full-service UI/UX design agency dedicated to creating digital products and services that directly contribute to your business success.

Great Design For Greater Opportunities

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Is Design your brake rather than your acceleration ?

Without a good understanding of design

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Outdated interface, irrelevant information or features that nobody asked for.

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Users take significantly longer to complete basic tasks compared to industry benchmarks.

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Market misunderstanding including user expectations or competitor offering.

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Low conversion rates: High drop-off rates indicating that the initial user experience is not engaging or intuitive.

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Customer negative reviews, reflecting general dissatisfaction with the app and support.

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Slow release of features. You are shipping 50% fewer features than leading competitors.

With ElevenSpace on your team

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Up-to-date interface, increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

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Improved User Experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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Products or services that become more appealing, capture a larger portion of the market.

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Optimisation of user journey and customer's target KPIs contributes to increased conversion rates and sales.

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Great design gathers positive attention from users and industry and will enhance your reputation and visibility.

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Reduced development costs, time spent on revisions and uncertainty.

Our mission is to elevate your design experience to stay ahead of the curve

We're on a mission to create better opportunities for our clients. By designing exceptional digital products and services with engaging UI/UX designs, we help our clients move faster, stay competitive and grow their business through great design.

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Predictable systems for predictable results

We take pride in our meticulous design documentation, which is essential for the success of your digital solutions. We know that a solid foundation of clear guidance and predictability is crucial for development and that's exactly what our documentation delivers.

through design we brought incredible results to our clients:

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Increase in developer efficiency

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Increase in monthly visitors

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Increase in social media engagement

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Demo requests within 6 months

We're the design
partner you can rely on

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Design quality that puts you ahead of the competition

We believe that high-quality design can make your business stand out from the competition. Great design helps increase conversion rates and sales, drive more traffic and boost user retention.

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Outstanding speed of delivery

Shipping fast can make all the difference. With 10 years of experience in project life cycles and design systems, we know how to save you significant time on project delivery and feature releases.

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Immediate response time

It’s important to have together a reliable partner. That’s why we promptly answer any design request and question, either through mail, whatsapp, slack or zoom, within 24-48 hours.

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Documentation ready

We document everything with a clear and organized design system approach. This makes your design files easy for anyone to understand, whether they're developers or team members from other roles and levels of experience.

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Our services

Product Strategy

Strategy is where we create plans to enhance your digital capabilities. We take insights from research and turn them into actionable steps that drive your success.

This strategy shapes a user experience and product direction that aligns with your brand, meets your customers' needs, and supports your business goals.

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UX Audit
5W1H Method
Logo & Branding
Pitch Deck
User Persona
Competitive Analysis
Social Media
Video Animation
Video Explainer

Product Design

We specialize in Digital Product Design, offering a comprehensive service that turns creative ideas into user-friendly digital solutions. From brainstorming to a successful market launch, we provide a smooth, scalable, and cost-effective process.

We're your go-to team for digital product design, committed to making bright ideas into successful digital realities.

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User Journey
Web Design
Web App
B2B/B2C App
Design System
User Flows
UI/UX Design
Landing Pages
Mobile App
Interactive Prototype

Product Development

Our team of developers excel in crafting intricate web products, encompassing both front-end and back-end development. Our portfolio includes the creation of high-performance e platforms, meticulously designed web applications, and complex, multilingual websites powered by CMS.

Our team adeptly handles the entire product development cycle for you, covering everything from Proof of Concept (PoC) and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) creation to development, optimisation and ongoing maintenance.

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Product Management
API Integrations
Quality Assurance
React Native
React JS / Node JS
iOS / Android

Preferred and trusted
by ambitious clients

Effortless and predictable collaboration with us

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“They helped us build a new successful website, and define our brand portfolio, setting us up for the future.”
Phillip Constantinides
VP, Marketing
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“Eleven Space successfully delivered their tasks and milestones within the given timeframe.”
Lucian Ghimfus
CTO, Twinbank
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“Eleven Space has completed over 10 quality design sprints in a timely manner, exceeding the client's expectations.”
Volodymyr Povstyany
Manager, Redcat
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“The team managed the project effectively, meeting deadlines and standing out for their detail-oriented approach. ”
Ana Chivu
co-founder, Toboro
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“High UI standards, collaborative mindset, extremely fast to deliver and a keen eye on details.“
joao magalhaes
design manager, hostelworld
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"Worked with Eleven Space on our recent CRM UI/UX redesign project, and I am thrilled with the results."
zev fried
creative director, zap media
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"Eleven Space was receptive to feedback and delivered items within the agreed timeline."
Marius cristea
CTO, Themeisle
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“I recommend Eleven Space for their design services for your future mobile applications.”
Madalina lixandra
business analyst, teamnet
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“Designs provided by ElevenSpace are modern while being considerate towards the overall user experience.”
Ramzi Ghurani
co-founder, insured.ae
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'We liked their ability to turn complex issues into simple solutions while following design principles.''
dana ezzeddine
product owner, nato
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"Their response time to changes and high throughput pushed us to move better and refine our processes."
Stefan petrica
manager, twilio
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"We had great communication between us, and they were agile and onset regarding their work."
Razvan paiusi
CEO, addemark

Where Design Elevates,
Opportunities Follow

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