April 28, 2024
ElevenSpace is named ‘Top User Experience Company’ in IT

ElevenSpace is named ‘Top User Experience Company’ in IT

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Clutch is a leading online marketplace that connects businesses with service providers across various sectors, including IT, marketing, design, and business services.

Clutch. is especially recognized for its extensive database of service providers and client reviews, helping to enhance transparency in the B2B buying process by allowing businesses to find, review, and connect with potential service partners efficiently.

The platform is widely used by over 1.4 million business leaders each month and it features a vast collection of over 280,000 vetted service providers across 1,500 specialized service lines globally.

The key benefit of using Clutch is its user-driven review system, which provides prospective clients with reliable and detailed feedback on companies, fostering informed decision-making based on past client experiences.

Industry recognition

ElevenSpace has earned praises within the industry, being recognised as one of the leading companies for user experience in Information Technology.

This is the first year our company has been recognised on Clutch for being in top local providers to be featured in the UX/UI design category.

“Our commitment at ElevenSpace is to consistently create exceptional opportunities for our clients. Being acknowledged by Clutch is an additional reward to the outstanding service we deliver to our customers.”
  • Dragos Bubu, CEO & Co-Founder of ElevenSpace


"Eleven Space established a robust brand identity for the client. They delivered a new website, defined the brand portfolio, and provided quality assets. They communicated frequently with the client through virtual meetings, email, and a messaging app, and they responded quickly to concerns."

  • Phillip Constantinides, Marketing VP, 46 Labs

"The redesigned dashboard resulted in significant improvements in user engagement and usability. Eleven Space was receptive to feedback and delivered items within the agreed timeline, proving their high level of professionalism and efficiency. Meetings and emails ensured seamless project management."

  • Marius Cristea, CTO, Themeisle

"Eleven Space delivered a design system that provided a seamless and engaging interaction with the platform, significantly improving the product's overall UX. The client lauded the service provider's versatility, collaborative approach, dedication to user-centric designs, and quick response time."

  • Stefan Petrica, Manager, Twilio

"Eleven Space has completed over 10 quality design sprints in a timely manner, exceeding the client's expectations. They've ensured excellent management and reacted to the client's feedback in a prompt manner. Their creativity, communication, knowledge, and supportive approach are commendable."

  • Volodymyr Povstyany, Partnership Manger, Redcat

"Eleven Space diligently followed the design documentation and guidelines provided by the client. Thanks to the team's efforts, the new UI maintained visual consistency across different devices. The tool also had a high user adoption rate, which reflected better customer engagement and satisfaction."

  • Ana Chivu, Co-Founder, Toboro

We are humbled and grateful for so many positive reviews and we take it as our responsibility to bring our A-game in each opportunity we're involved.

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