EV Spot

Seamless EV Parking & Charging


EV Spot is an app for finding and scheduling charging or parking spots for electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles
company size
1 - 10 Employees
Mobile, Dashboard, Design System
EV Spot secured a new investment and was all set to grow bigger. The main challenge was that the app's user experience wasn't hitting the mark, which ended up in some bad reviews. This meant folks were a bit reluctant in giving it a try, even though it was packed with cool features just for electric vehicles.

We've taken the feedback from negative reviews to heart and have completely reimagined the experience to be intuitive right from the start. Moreover, we've introduced a comprehensive dashboard solution that allows tracking of all activities related to charging stations.

The project involved a wide range of UX and UI design activities: in-depth research, development of user flows, wireframe creation, idea validation, design of visual assets, prototype testing & culminating in the development of the product.
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We learned more about the different problems and business requirements and contextualised the opportunity.

User persona

Competitive analysis

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UX Design

After filtering the ideas and data gathered, we generated user flows detailing the journey of the user.

User journey

UX flows


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UI Design

With a strong basis of UX findings, interface app screens are designed to be intuitive and user-centric.

Art direction


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For a selected user flows of the app, we’ve tested how the ideal user interacts with the solution proposed.

Design System

Interactive prototype

We've assisted EV Spot in enhancing their reviews and reputation through a concentrated effort on improving user experience. The prototype underwent several revisions, incorporating feedback to ensure the app not only meets expectations but also enjoys positive interaction.

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