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PrimeBank is a fintech neobank start-up focused on offering a full suite of solutions for millennials. Their plan is to become the main digital bank solution with better rates and fees.

company size
1 - 10 Employees
Dashboard. Design System, Mobile App
As relatively new entrants in the banking sector, neobanks need to work hard to build trust with users who might be skeptical about the security and reliability of their services compared to traditional banks. Establishing a reputation for safety, transparency and reliability was the main focus in our collaboration.

Being an early stage start-up, validating the business idea with users and stakeholders was essential. We created a dashboard app solution for PrimeBank. Our approach was to follow a design thinking process based on building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in order to test quickly the proposed user flows and features.

The project involved a wide range of UX and UI design activities: in-depth research, development of user flows, wireframe creation, idea validation, design of visual assets, prototype testing & culminating in the development of the product.
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We learned more about the different problems and business requirements and contextualised the opportunity.

User persona

Competitive analysis

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UX Design

After filtering the ideas and data gathered, we generated user flows detailing the journey of the user.

User journey

UX flows


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UI Design

With a strong basis of UX findings, interface app screens are designed to be intuitive and user-centric.

Art direction


Prototype icon

For a selected user flows of the app, we’ve tested how the ideal user interacts with the solution proposed.

Design System

Interactive prototype

With the app being the primary touchpoint between the neobank experience and their customers, driving engagement and retention through design was the main focus. This involved creating an easy onboarding experiences, interactive financial tutorials and gamification elements that encouraged regular app usage and improved customer relationship.

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