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Toboro is an app for companies that choose to extend the life of IT equipment, by donating or recycling them when they reach their end-of-life.

Information Technology
company size
1 - 10 Employees
Dashboard, Design System
Toboro didn’t have a digital solution to demo to clients. The main challenge was to provide clear communication, user education and transparency about the recycling and donation processes. There was a need to prioritise features that allow users to track the status and impact of their donations. They needed also to build and maintain trust with users, who must believe that their donated equipment will be handled responsibly and that their data will be stored securely.

We created for Toboro a dashboard app solution to enable a B2B collaboration extending the life cycle of the IT equipment and recovering the financial value of electronic assets. Toboro steps in to collect essential data and converting them into actionable KPIs for a sustainability reporting.

The project involved a wide range of UX and UI design activities: in-depth research, development of user flows, wireframe creation, idea validation, design of visual assets, prototype testing & culminating in the development of the product.
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We learned more about the different problems and business requirements and contextualised the opportunity.

User persona

Competitive analysis

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UX Design

After filtering the ideas and data gathered, we generated user flows detailing the journey of the user.

User journey

UX flows


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UI Design

With a strong basis of UX findings, interface app screens are designed to be intuitive and user-centric.

Art direction


Prototype icon

For a selected user flows of the app, we’ve tested how the ideal user interacts with the solution proposed.

Design System

Interactive prototype

We created a well-thought-out strategy, robust app design and ongoing commitment to user needs and environmental standards. By effectively managing these challenges, the app is set to make a significant impact in promoting the responsible disposal and recycling of IT equipment.

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