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Frequently Asked Questions

Which design editor do we use ?

We use Figma, design editor, for everything related to our project: designing, prototyping, gathering feedback, sharing the progress with the client, project documentation and designer-to-developer hand-off.

How do we handle communication ?

Once the kick-off the project you will be invited to a dedicated Slack channel we're we can instantly communicate and share notes on the project. Besides Slack, we have a weekly video meeting to show progress, gather insights and implement feedback.

What are the design stages ?

We enjoy predictability, that's why we follow a design process. Nevertheless the process is personalised for each client. A typical design project follows these stages:

1. Discovery
- Understanding the requirements
- Defining the roadmap, timeline, budget, deliverables

2. Design
- Creating the moodboard, defining the art direction
- Creating low-fidelity, high-fidelity designs
- Creating the design system

3. Delivery
- Documenting the design rules and components in the project
- Creating the interactive prototype
- Invite developers and transfer ownership of the Figma project

How is the payment handled ?

Depending on the project length, we work on a fixed amount or an hourly rate.
For fixed amount, we split the project into 3 stages (beginning, intermediary, final).
For hourly amount, we estimate the project length.

We have a minimum engagement of two weeks.