Dashboard, design system and brand guide for jewellery business

Almas is a fast-growing jewelry business focused on quality and craftsmanship. They believe in jewelry as an expression of self and living in the world connected with your inner divine.

Company size
<10 Employees


Design System

Brand Identity


Almas is a new business on the market and they wished to position themselves as a premium brand on the market. The competition is high so the need for high-quality visual deliverables is essential to achieve market reach.


We helped Almas create their brand experience, branding guide, web app and design system over the course of several months. We started by creating a moodboard, gathering as much inspirational images to shape the right tone of voice.

We worked with Almas to build their dashboard based on the style guide. We started by going through each page, and making sure it was in line with the guidelines. Once we had all of the pages built, we made sure that they all worked together to create a cohesive experience. We've also created, tested and consolidated a Design System that will serve as documentation for the entire digital products. Nevertheless there is a design connection with the physical products and the branding that connects the entire suite of Almas products.

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