Design System for Dashboard Apps

Elixir Design System is a set of guidelines, processes and tools to improve the design, construction and development of digital dashboard products.

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Design System


Design Systems are a powerful tool for design automation and team alignment. Unless you spend the time to analyse a few dozens of systems, you won't necessarily find a good way to get a lot things right one from the start. You need to spend time to establish design rules to be ready for scale, create libraries of atomic components & establish a naming convention to unite everything in between.


Our approach for the project was to create and make available the essential design tool to use when creating Design Systems projects.

The design package in Elixir contains all the resources we've gathered from experience on countless design projects and it's here to save up 4-6 months of defining design rules and creating optimal components. Simple, intuitive and scalable file structure organisation: Elixir is made to spend less time finding components and more time designing.

The main benefits:

  • Practical design system already set up
  • Pre-made components and variants
  • Documentation included in the Figma file
  • Auto-Layout components
  • WCAG AA accessibility compliant
  • +200 essential icons
  • High-quality dashboard templates

Preview Elixir Design System in Figma

Design system

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